Nella Aarne
The Hologram

Sam Smith, Lithic Choreographies (2018), film still

Written by Nella Aarne & Sam Smith
Originally written as part of the script for Lithic Choreographies
Sam Smith

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From: Prof. Jan XXXXXXX, Uppsala University
Subject: The Hologram
Date: 00 / 00 / 2022

Dear Iben,

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the recent heightened activity at Grostäde. You will find below a short summary of our findings about The Hologram and its relationship to The Island in the context of our broader multi-species research. We hope that the following answers some of your questions.

The current consensus is that The Hologram is a field of energy connected to The Island. It manifests intermittently as a body of light. Reports of its appearance continue to be varied, but the predominant visual descriptors include shades of lilac, indigo and cerulean.

Each emergence of The Hologram is preceded by a gradual diminishing of light and sound within a 100-meter radius of the event locus. Those who experience it describe effects similar to those of a solar eclipse, however sharply localised. It is understood that the lost light and sound are momentarily redirected to sustain The Hologram’s glowing apparition. The Hologram seems to act on its own volition – it cannot be summoned and has no perceivable pattern of behaviour.

In a recent encounter with my colleague, The Hologram adopted the exact 1:1 shape of Lilla Karlsö hovering 50 meters above sea level, while another emergence recorded last year entailed a cluster of Ljugarn houses illuminating the woodland of Northern Fårö.

Whichever form it takes, each point of The Hologram’s glowing mass is linked to a material counterpoint on The Island. The point pairs are connected in real-time: when a material location changes, this change is reflected in its luminous doppelgänger. Yet I must note that The Hologram is not an echo or a copy, rather, it is an autonomous entity in perfect synergy with The Island – a mirror whose image is visible in darkness.

There are early records showing attempts by researchers at the Gotland campus of Uppsala University to measure and grasp The Hologram, yet these elusive sensings produced only gaps in data, something that was later found to be significant. In time all efforts to classify it were abandoned and, recently, various experiential approaches have been initiated. This coincides with a surge in multi-species cooperation on The Island, as different species have begun to relate to The Hologram in their own ways.

All our findings are public record and can be accessed at the University Archive. If you feel that the department could in any way support the development of your research, please do not hesitate to contact me.