Nella Aarne
The Standard Model: Curatorial Propositions
Edited by Nella Aarne, Lucy Lopez and Adam Smythe

This publication of texts by curators and writers mirrors The Standard Model of cosmology. The authors take venerable theories and hold them to account: the texts, ranging from creative to academic, interrogate the theories of contemporary art, seek out aporia and offer speculative alternatives and amendments. Just as the cosmologists of The Standard Model, the writers included in this book address the disparity between theory and material reality, whether in art, sociology or politics.

Just as with nascent discourses in the sciences, there are overlaps and contradictions between these texts. But whilst the scientists’ ultimate goal is to find concrete, universal and objective solutions, curators have the task of reconciling multiple voices and subjectivities — not necessarily to flatten our differences into a cohesive whole, nor to create an ambivalent relativism, but to attempt to find a productive discourse capable of dealing with oppositional propositions, cultural differences, and political disputes.

Authors: Nella Aarne, Antonio Garcia Acosta, Dimitra Gkitsa, Adriënne Groen, Rudi Christian Ferreira, Hanna Laura Kaljo, Lucy Kate Lopez, Marina Maximova, Akane Miki, Carolina Ongaro, Cory Scozzari, Siyun Tang, Emma Siemens-Adolphe, Adam Smythe, Lanny Walker, Franziska Sophie Wildförster, Daniela Wüstenberg

Published by Ferreira Projects, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-906685-08-9