Nella Aarne
PIP: Put-In-Pocket issue 4
Nella Aarne, Elizabeth Hudson, Annette Krauss, Marina Vishmidt, Luke Winter

The 4th issue of PIP is the latest iteration of a pocket-sized publication series devised by artist Annette Krauss and distributed only by means of reverse pickpocketing: put-in-pocketing. Since the release of its first issue in 2003, the only way to attain a copy of PIP has been to receive it unexpectedly as a stealthy gift. The 4th issue, considering the notion of debt, was distributed at Columbia Road Flower Market in London as part of The Gift, If There Is Any during Art Licks Weekend 2015.

The publication opens with excerpts from The Economy of Abolition/Abolition of the Economy, a conversation between Marina Vishmidt and Neil Gray originally published in Variant. Vishmidt argues that class composition is now built upon debt rather than work, and questions the legitimacy of the moral assumption that we should always repay our debts. In The Toxicity of Obligation Nella Aarne proposes that the phenomenon of the gift has the potential to subvert the social and economic structures of obligatory repayment and to open a path towards politics of love and care. In Indebted to Public Space Elizabeth Hudson charts how the change in ownership of public spaces has affected public and individual debt in relation to property and access. Finally, in the excerpt of Luke Winter's Expectations Are the Thieves of Joy, an idealist millionaire banker, Alex, undergoes psychological toll, when the recipient of his million pound donation, Baz, has no interest in spending the money, and thus fails to recognise and pay his debt in gratitude and success.

Concept & Guidelines: Annette Krauss
Editing & Distribution: Nella Aarne
Production: VERBureau
Graphic Design: rgreffold
Special thanks to Annette Krauss, Marina Vishmidt, Elizabeth Hudson, Luke Winter, Variant, Art Licks

Photograph: Elizabeth Hudson
Courtesy VERBureau